Watercolor Painting



Make watercolor your friend!  Learn to paint luminous, transparent paintings using this sometimes misunderstood medium.  Classes will cover the entire process of painting in watercolor – from finding subject matter to finished framing.  Learn which paper and paints to use and why.  Master washes, glazing, underpainting, lifting and charging.  Explore creative tools and techniques to achieve your artistic statement.  Learn tips and tricks from the pros to achieve perfect edges, saturated colors, delicate washes and flawless brushwork.  Topics will also include compositional elements, developing a focal point, atmospheric perspective, modeling 3D shapes, rich colorful shadows, and building foreground, middle ground and background planes.  The emphasis of the classes is on building beautiful watercolor paintings and developing a personal style.

Ongoing Watercolor classes, All Levels:    1st and 3rd Mondays              

10 am to 3 pm     $75/month

(First Monday is New Year's Weekend. Class moved to 2nd Monday.)

Jan 8, 15, Feb 5, 19, Mar 5, 19, Apr 2, 16, May 7, 21

Introduction to Watercolor

Materials fee TBD  (instructor will supply materials)
Introduction to types of watermedia, from delicate to bold, and the advantages and characteristics of each;  Overview of equipment and materials needed, from types and styles of brushes to weights and types of paper, including introduction of optional materials for creative work;  How to handle watercolor, the basics of application;   Demonstrations and hands-on exercises using different paint and brush/paper combinations.


Watercolor Painting

Students use their own materials (instructor will supply materials list)
Creating watercolor paintings:  from getting the idea to planning the painting, selecting materials and generating the first sketches, blocking in from a value sketch;  How to build layers, the basics of mixing and application to develop the painting, including washes, glazing, dry brush and painting “rules” that apply only to watercolor;  Learning to capture the nuances of light in watercolor, from masking to underpainting to glazing, and finishing work;  Using watercolor blending to lay in and develop believable, colorful shadows and to model shapes and form that have the illusion of weight and volume.  The emphasis will be on learning the basics and becoming comfortable with watercolor and creating paintings.


Watercolor Intermed/Advanced Watercolor

You know the basics of watercolor.  This class is designed to enhance your painting skills and to capture the magical nuances of this exciting medium.   Learn tips and tricks from picking subject matter and stretching paper, to beginning a painting, mastering washes and glazes, mixing colors both on the palette and on the paper, brushwork and finishing touches.  The emphasis will be on moving your paintings to a higher level and will include one on one critiques.