Oil Painting

Quietly Melting

Learn oil painting – the medium of the masters.  Students walk through the entire process to begin and finish a painting.  Included is an overview of paints and media, analysis of different kinds of supports, and tools and brushes and the characteristics and advantages of various kinds of supplies.  Students will review how to achieve a good beginning, from planning, selecting materials and generating sketches, blocking in, to creating a grisalle.  Learn how to “sketch” directly onto canvas, create the underpainting and build layers using both a traditional and ala prima approach.  Master painting “rules” and know when to break them, the basics of mixing and application, and glazing and dry brush.  Learn to capture the nuances of light and shadow to model shapes and forms that have the illusion of weight and volume, and highlights.  The emphasis will be on the basic building blocks of successful paintings, from composition and value studies to working with color.

Ongoing classes, all levels: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

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 Introduction to Oil

3 sessions       
Materials fee   $ 75  (instructor will supply materials)
Overview of equipment and materials needed and an introduction to materials: pigments and paints, oils, thinning and cleaning solvents, knives and brushes, painting surfaces from canvas to boards and the advantages and characteristics of each;  How to handle oils, the basics of mixing and application, including painting “rules”;  how to begin a painting, from underpainting to glazing, to finished pieces.

Beginning Oil Painting
Students use their own materials (instructor will supply materials list)
Create an oil painting: planning the painting, selecting materials and generating the first sketches, blocking in from a value sketch, creating a grisalle;  How to “sketch” directly onto canvas, creating the underpainting and building layers, and painting “rules”;  Developing the basics of mixing and application, including washes, glazing, dry brush;  Learning to capture the nuances of light and shadow: how to model shapes and forms that have the illusion of weight and volume, handling highlights;  Demonstrations and hands-on exercises using still life set up and photo references.   The emphasis will be on starting and finishing paintings.


Oil Painting

This class is for advanced beginner to intermediate artists who have already mastered basic oil techniques.  The emphasis of the classes will be on building strong paintings and developing a personal style.    Topics include learning and using compositional elements, identifying a focal point and developing the point of interest, rules of atmospheric perspective, and creating believable foreground, middle ground and background planes. 
Students will use more advanced exercises in the basics of mixing and application, glazing and dry brush, and techniques to give their paintings texture, luminosity and visual impact.  The emphasis will be on moving your paintings to a higher level.   This class is directed to artists using oil paints who wish to improve their work.