The Color Series Classes

Out of the Bag


Two workshops available:

The Color of Color

What is the color of warm red, cool yellow and warm green?  Are inexpensive paints the same value as pricier brands?  These and other color queries are answered as students tackle color families and learn to sort out what colors and pigments to use in every circumstance.   We will man the magnifying glasses as exercises enable participants to identify every pigment in their paint box, learn what is inside the tube, where the raw materials come from, and the characteristics of pigments.   Students will leave with completed color charts and a wealth of knowledge to arm them to cruise the paint aisle at the art supply store with confidence.

The Color of Black and White

Repeat of popular class!   If the darks in your paintings look flat and lifeless, or the lights look chalky and unnatural, you need to learn the real color of blacks and whites.   Whether your medium is oil, watermedia or pastel, this class will explore the use of colors to create rich, believable darks and luminous lights.   Participants will learn to use a warm or cool palette to mix the correct darkest darks and lightest highlights for every painting, every time.   Use of value scales, and exercises with complementary and analogous colors will enable students to mix subtle gradations of colorful grays.   Demonstrations will be conducted in oil, watercolor, and pastel.   Participants can choose to work in one or all of these media.

Follow these classes with “Mastering Shadows” for a complete series.